There's no reason not to upgrade...

Using an outdated and unsecure browser is bad for you, bad for business and bad for the Web. This site aims to inform people on the benefits of using a modern browser.

Stop using Internet Explorer 6!

Internet Explorer 6 is over 13 years old, that's Internet 'centuries'! It has security issues, does not support some much-loved features (such as tabbed browsing) and lacks support for many modern web- standards and technologies.

  • IE6 has limited or buggy support for modern web standards
  • IE6 is not very secure - and lacks privacy features...
  • IE6 lacks many well-loved features - No tabs, RSS integration, etc...

However, IE6 is still used by 4% to 10% of visitors to typical websites (W3schools).

Ultimately, using this browser is bad for users, bad for business and bad for the Web.

Bad for users

It is bad for users because people run security risks. Newer browsers have much better protection against Phishing attacks and other security issues. People still using IE6 are at risk.

Also, people miss out on a better browsing experience. Modern browsers offer great features such as Tabbed Browsing.

Bad for business

Because the browser lacks support for modern webstandards (or implements them badly) Web developers spend a lot of extra time on getting their websites to properly work on Internet Explorer 6. This time spent on workarounds, hacks and other measures is not to be understated, says Robert Nyman:

...we spend about an extra, on average, 20% of development time to cater to Internet Explorer 6. This means that for every $1.000.000 spent in the world on developing a web site interface, it could have cost $800.000 instead.

These hacks, such as workarounds for PNG transparency support are making the site slower and less easily maintainable.

Bad for the Web

The fact that IE6 is still in considerable usage, is keeping web developers occupied with hacks and workaround instead of building good sites. It is keeping developers from learning and using modern web technologies (such as CSS3 and HTML5) that will, in the end, benefit users.

Continued usage of a very old and buggy browser such as IE6 is slowing the development and innovation of the Web.

Download a better browser now!

Upgrading your browser is easy and quick. We recommend Firefox:

The Web is all about innovation, and Firefox sets the pace with dozens of new features, including the smart location bar, one-click bookmarking and blindingly fast performance. - Firefox's features
Opera (Windows, Linux and OS X)
Opera is the only browser that comes with everything you need to be productive, safe and speedy online. Learn everything Opera can do for you... - Discover Opera!
Safari (Windows and OS X)
The fastest, easiest-to-use web browser in the world. With its simple, elegant interface, Safari gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the web faster than any browser. - Safari's features
Google Chrome (Windows only at the moment)
Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. - Google Chrome's features